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The Stroke Association Support Network-Ghana is a national, not-for-profit, health organization working to prevent stroke and support people who have suffered stroke, their carers and families. We carry out prevention activities, deliver support services and promote research in all aspects of stroke prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. We work closely with traditional stroke carers, health professionals, and researchers to reduce the impact of stroke on the Ghanaian community. We are the voice of stroke in Ghana committed to reducing the incidence of stroke, and ensuring that everybody who suffers a stroke in Ghana has access to the treatment and rehabilitation services they need.


• Raising awareness of the risk factors and signs of stroke and promoting healthy lifestyles.
• Supporting research to improve treatment for stroke and save lives and reduce disability.
• Improving life after stroke for stroke survivors.
• Influencing government to do more in the fields of stroke prevention, treatment and rehabilitation
• Working closely and in collaboration with the World Stroke Organization
• Raising funds from the community corporations, individual philanthropists, national and international foundation and funding bodies and the Ghana government.