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Rehabilitation aims to maximize your life after stroke. Rehabilitation starts as early as possible, usually in the acute stroke unit or medical ward. After that, ongoing rehabilitation may be needed. This can be provided in an inpatient rehabilitation unit or in the community. Community options include rehabilitation in your own home or as an outpatient in a hospital or community facility.
Rehabilitation benefits everyone after a stroke. To guide decisions ongoing rehabilitation, the team may consider whether you are
• Able to make enough of an improvement to make a difference to your daily life
• Able to manage the time spent in a therapy session
• Able and prepared to work with the stroke team to set and reach your goals.
You and your carers and family members should be actively involved in your rehabilitation and rehabilitation choices.
Practicing therapy tasks with family and friends throughout the day can help your recovery. Talk to your therapists about tasks you and your family can do when you are not with your therapists.
For information and advice on rehabilitation options,